Just saw this via a tweet.  I’m going to load it play with it later, but here is the link. http://layar.com/layar-is-in-the-iphone-app-store/ [ discount viagra | canadian viagra best deals | get viagra drug online | should i chew cialis | how much is cialis in canada | pfizer viagra 50mg | does generic cialis work… Read More

RWW broke a story with new AR apps for the iphone.   I have not downloaded and played with them myself, but they look great, and its the next level of AR (for the iphone, since Android has had this for a bit) that we have been waiting for.  This is a ‘killer app’ for AR… Read More

This did not take long did it?  But the funny thing is that it did not come from the Dev-team, but instead instead from George Hotz. Now this is windows only (sorry mac people) but I’m sure it will be ported soon enough.  Now remember this is 3.0, so if you are running the 3.1… Read More