Yup. Go get it Windows users! Supports 2.1 firmware with the unlocking and jailbreaking of iPhone 1st generation (2G) device. Supports the jailbreaking of iPod Touch 1st generation device and iPhone 3G. Your device will need to be upgraded to 2.1 ( using iTunes 8 )  before running this application. It does NOT support the unlocking of iPhone 3G… Read More

I loaded it last night and it worked for me. IntelliScreen is one of my core apps.  Cant leave home without it. To install IntelliScreen on 2.1 2.0/3G Firmware: * In Cydia, choose the Manage tab * Choose “Sources” and then “Edit” and then add http://intelliborn.com/cydia * Goto Sections tab, and choose the System category,… Read More

I’ve talked about this before, using the iphone field test to get numbers instead of bars to see what kind of reception you are getting on your phone. When I checked my phone before 2.1, I used to get -99 to -107 db on my couch. Once I updated to 2.1, I was still getting… Read More

I said I would take a ride on Friday, and I did.  I just have not had time to write anything up till now. I took a short ride with trackthing lite on before the iphone 2.1 update and after hoping the GPS will work better and my graphs would be more stable with less… Read More

Ok.. Not sure what it means, but alright.  This cartoon popped up briefly on my iphone during the 2.1 iphone update. After some looking around on the web, I think it says “hello”.  I have a few friends who speak Russian, I’ll have this double checked …… still loading 2.1 however …. [ viagra doses… Read More

I’m really getting sick of how the phone will sometimes lock the screen on me after a phone call, forcing me to reboot.  I’ve complained about this I do not know how many times.  Almost enough that this morning I thought, perhaps I will sacraficed my jailbreak apps just to fix it.  ANNNDDD.. They already… Read More