Yes Absinthe is out, however as normal, there are a few bugs that need to be dealt with so dont jump on it yet. However, the reports I have been reading seem to be fixable, so I would give it a week and it should be solid as a rock by then. Right now this… Read More

Here is a pretty cool demonstration done by Laan Labs that takes the video and depth mapping information from a Microsoft Kinect and uses that data to create a 3D model for an augmented reality mobile application seen through the iPad 2. Basically how this works is you shoot something, like yourself, in front of… Read More

It is expected that with the release of the iPad2 with its cameras, that augmented reality apps for it will start flooding the app store. Seems the first company to get the iPad2 AR ball rolling is Total Immersion with their AR Magic Mirror app. [ cheap kamagra viagra | where to get viagra cheap |… Read More

Gezz.  Things move so bloody fast.  I think we all expected the ipad2 to be hacked and jailbroken pretty quick, but it did not even take the weekend to crack this nut.   The hacker Comex, who also did the userland jailbreaks Spirit and JailbreakMe, has released tweets and a video showing an ipad2 running cydia.… Read More

The ipad2 announcement just kicked off and we will see what features we will, and mostly will not get.  The rumor mill has been pretty set saying we will get a few things with hardware;  A front facing camera, faster CPU; gyroscope, way thinner, etc…    As for software if you are into taking and editing… Read More

Ready?  The iPad 2 will be announced on March 2 to what I would expect will be quite the fan fare.. The fun part will be to see what rumors will be true and other fancy or slated to the iPad 3.  This could be the news the Apple shareholder needs to hear to get… Read More

As with anything with Apple, including what Steve is going to have for breakfast is a secrete.  But like most things, the clues are there if you just look. As with the iPhone4, do not expect a revolution in the iPad but instead many of the features and function we thought we would have seen… Read More