I only got to see it for a short time, but I was pretty impressed when I saw it.  I can’t wait to spend some more time with the new iPad and see just how much of a difference it makes once I’m in the middle of doing something. However, as I described in my… Read More

So whats new with the ipad 3, or ipad HD? Unless you have been under a rock, you know that ‘The New iPad’ launched yesterday.  There were no surprises this time, pretty much what the rumor mill said would be there, was there and nothing more.  So, should you upgrade to the new iPad, and… Read More

Wed the iPad HD should be out and in a few days or a week, we should have a working jailbreak. Although there has been evidence that there is an iOS6 out there somewhere, I’m not sure they would want to release a new OS on a non number release.  Odds are we will see… Read More