apple maps suck

I wrote a few days after the release of iOS6 that I would not be updating because Apple maps suck and told my readers that if you use maps ALOT, like I do, do not update until they fix it… or until Google releases an app. And they did.   And now people are upgrading to… Read More

google iOS6 maps survey

Last week I wrote a story on the reduction of people using iOS Maps, and cross posted on VentureBeat on how Snappli did a quick survey of use patters and found a significant drop in the number of people using Maps after iOS6.  Of course, plenty of fanboys got all in a huff questioning results,… Read More


So you did it.  Now you want to go back to iOS5 from iOS6. Of course iPhone 5 and 4s users are out of luck but if you have the iPhone 4, you can still correct your mistake. All you need is a jailbreak. However, if you do have the iPhone 4s or 5, you… Read More

So its pretty much old news that iOS6 maps is awful. Many writers have noted its Maps failures and its even garnered a growing tumbler of fail. Its so bad, Apple actually apologized. However, we are now seeing data for the first time just how drastic the rejecting of maps is from iOS6 users. A… Read More

So as we are all aware, the new iPhone 5 was announced yesterday with a lengthy list of new specs, by apple, along with the new iPod 5g (the first of which to be released with a multi color color display option).  Both of which are going to have the anticipated iOS6 on them.  According… Read More

There are a lot of very cool things in iOS6 that iPhone 5 users are going to get. Maps is not one of them. Dont get me wrong, the 3D stuff is very cool, but I do not need this on my iphone. Street view would be far more useful. But that is not the… Read More