This is more of an FYI then anything I guess. I just got this in my email box from Apple, so I figured I would pass it out.  Although as I type this, I’m sure everyone who is already coding got this too. You can now edit the default language of your app’s metadata on… Read More

Just like the news where Steven Troughton-Smith said he got Siri running on iphone4 but odds are we will never see it in the wild, we now have a report that Jackoplane has it working for any device with iOS5 on it. And without jailbreaking. Cool. But the real question is; when can “I” see… Read More

Spirit jailbreak via muslenerd

I have said this many times before, if Apple REALLY wanted to stop jailbreaking they could.  They dont because this is great R/D and well as Marketing data that they get for free.  Heck, then even hire jailbreak programmers.  So lets have a look at yet more cool iOS features that us jailbreakers have had… Read More