All this talk about self driving cars causing accidents, very little about how they avoid them and save lives.  So here is the first video clip of a real world situation where a Tesla avoided an accident by stopping way faster than I could have.  Also note, its wet.  So if a human was driving,… Read More


So sweet. I had to login to Reddit just to upvote the rant and comment.  Instead of reprinting the text, I screenshot it for justice.   The basics of this is someone ranting, and rightly so, that a grilled cheese is ONLY bread and cheese.  You add anything else and its a melt.  Now one may… Read More

{Update:  Sigh.  So my wife read this and she said a Japanese wife living in the US got this from her husband and shared it on a Japanese site.  Every now and again, subtleties of language cause a mix up.  Still pretty funny though. } I have been dating and recently married to a Japanese… Read More

I was just thinking...

It did not happen over night.  Back when I first got Brandi, my orange fur ball, I did what most single guys do at the time.  Go to the store and buy whatever dry cat food was on sale.  She was not thrilled with it, but liked it well enough.  And life was good. However,… Read More

There is not a whole  lot to say here that the video does not say.  Seems Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, heard his down yelping in pain.  He comes out to see his dog and a raccoon fighting.  So what does bad ass Rose do?  He charges in dressed in his always fashionable boxes and… Read More

I have not tried it yet, but I will later.  Seems kinda of fun to have on your phone for a few days just for the LOL’s.  Here is a cut and paste from the site. Old Spice Voicemail Message Generator You may be aware of a recent Old Spice advertising campaign featuring a handsome… Read More

Ah Dollar coins.  We still have then you know.  For those that ride the subway and pay cash or visit the post office vending machines, has most likely received gold dollar coins as change..  So what do you do with it?  If you have kids most like give it them, else try to spend those… Read More

We have the first look at the HP TouchPad running WebOS and from what I heard (no I was not there) it’s great! Snappy! Well designed! Great Multitasking! Works seamlessly with the new Pre 3 and other WebOS phones! … I dont care. We not ‘ME’; I’m actually dieing to get my hands on one… Read More

This is fun.  Remember that site that will change any webpage to a lolcats page?  Well here is one for us bloggers who have to work on NYE.  Like me!!  Its a pretty clever little project from Alcowebizer.  Enjoy!! Here is the first one at level 1.0 Here is another at 1.5 Not Bad.  Each… Read More

Really, what more do I have to say here?  its a video of Conan O’Brien and Hunter Thombson shooting various guns while drinking. Enjoy the Video. Below… Way below.. Really need to fix this. [ keyword order viagra | gnc viagra | canada generic viagra | canadian generic viagra online | viagra uk purchase |… Read More

Now you KNOW things are rough when even a rumor of a AOL take over so freaks people out that even the servers throw up. The site went down around 2:30 and came back a half hour later.  Yahoo says they know what the problem is and addressing it, but would not give any details? … Read More

I think most of you have seen the animation where someone comes into a store to buy and iphone and salesman offers the HTC EVO only to hear ‘I dont care’ about the better features. So now we have a response.  Now that the person bought the EVO, they try to go into an Apple… Read More

It was only a matter of time before both Apple and Google would find themselves on top and staring at each other. Microsoft was now #2 and Apple was king of the hill, but Google was not far behind.  And after Apple kicked Flash out of the studio, Google made a point in their last… Read More

Apple had worked hard and fought hard to get back to the top.  And now they were ON TOP.  Bigger then Microsoft, Bigger them Adobe, Bigger then anybody.  But the new sound was not Apples alone, and soon Google began to do it for themselves.  And do it well.  Too well.  That’s the problem with… Read More

Apple worked hard and working with Google, they broke through with stage show that was polished, yet could be seen anywhere.. and was seen everywhere. So popular was this show that Flash wanted to be a part of it.  But Apple had other ideas. -> Scene 5: A Challenger Appears! -> Scene 5: A Challenger… Read More

Down but not out, Apple got back to business. Getting their original manager back, they focused on the new way of doing things, the new way of thinking.  And by taking cues from the new startups around, Apple began its return to the spot light. Bigger then anyone would have thought.  But they were not… Read More

And now we are at Scene two.. Apple has hit the skids.  Accepted a deal from Microsoft to get $13 a track.  Apple dumps their old manager and gets their first one back. Now what? … but change is in the air.  The scene is changing… -> Scene 3: A New Apple -> Scene 3:… Read More

Inspired by the I/O conference.. EVEN THOUGH I DID NOT GET A PHONE! .. I whipped up this script in about 20 min.  The drawing by Josh Flores took a little longer.   Any of the events in this comic having anything to do with reality, its purely coincidental… I still need to code up links,… Read More

I knew it!!  I knew it!!  Its just a big iphone with a screen and battery!!  Man.. ol Steve really pulled one over on us. That’s it.  I’m going to build my own iPad! ^_^ [ overnight canadian viagra | viagra sales | viagra forums | cialis philippines | cialis 20 mg | viagra warnings… Read More

If you did not watch the Cobert Report last night you missed a pretty good segment with the iPad.  Yes he got one.  So I decided to grab a few jokes and post them up.  However, to really appreciate this bit, you need to watch the video.  Video at the bottom of the post.. The… Read More