foil as faraday-cage

Sigh.  More proof mean people suck.  So here is the story.  Thieves are using signal power amplifiers to extend your cars reach to your key fob.  The way it works normally is when you are a few feet from your car, the car’s remote sensing system detects its your key fob and unlocks itself.  Well… Read More

There are two ways to write a pebble app, use c code and release to the Pebble store, or as I have done with NewsSnacker, write in JavaScript and release to the Pebble app store.  They only problem is Apple has not released an update to allow iOS users to install apps written in JavaScript.  … Read More

usb3 slow port fix

This has been bothering me for a long time. I have both a USB3 external hard drive and thumb drive and since updating to windows 8.1, they have not been working correctly. The external hard drive does not work at all on the USB 3.0 port and the thumb drive is very slow.  I have… Read More

A few weeks back I was asked to create a rule in Excel that would recalculate a cell’s value ONLY on Monday!  And store that calculation. What?  Hmm..  Then I thought, wait a minute, I should be able to do this in the cells directly. At first I tried to do this all in one… Read More

2014-05-07 19.25.27

I have a Samsung III.  That means I cannot use a very simple but useful command that lets me load the last app used but not the current app.  However, there is a way around this. In fact, you can do something even cooler if you are willing to put in the time.  For this… Read More

A few days back one of my twitter aps, stopped working for some reason. I have not touched the code in months.  So what the heck was going on?  More odd is that fact the twittFilter was working fine.  They are based off the same OAuth2.0 code.  After a few hours of hacking and… Read More

win8 tiles

I pulled the trigger and updated to Windows 8.1 and first thing I was greeted with was a blurry, low resolution screen.   What the?  Do I did a bit of digging and found the fix.  It has to do with DPI scaling which I would bet is related to handling tablets screens.  Annoying. However,… Read More

This is a repost.. You have to restore and jailbreak again, so here’s a series of steps for making this process as easy as possible. (Keep in mind that you cannot update a jailbroken device via Settings, also called OTA or wireless updates.) Before restoring, always check first to make sure the new iOS version… Read More


This is mostly a repost from teknobites. I took a few screenshots out, edited a few things, add a few others. The instructions for setting up dual boot for windows8 is pretty easy. If you have every setup a dual boot system before, you will see there is not much new here.. Before you start,… Read More

I saw a new app in Cydia for conference calling over VoIP.  That got me ta thin’kin, what are my conference call options with the iphone?  Leaving out typical conference call services that work on ‘any’ phone, I did a quick look around and found an app called ifbyphone. Before I get into it, lets… Read More

I know I said I was not going to bother upgrading to 2.2, but the geek blood that flows just cannot resist trying it out and seeing what will happen. That and I feel this certain journalistic responsibility to find out for my readers… (hope this feeling goes away soon So I thought I would… Read More