In the near future, VERY near future, space will become such a premium, that it will be considered cost effective to create an apt under 200 sq ft. the size of a one car garage.  Who would live in such a place?  Actually, I would.  And I can think of plenty of others in my… Read More

housing wave

Although many will still argue that we are not in a tech bubble, those numbers are decreasing as more and more evidence point to the opposite.  I wrote a post back in July of 2011 saying that I have noticed moment in the housing prices in Palo Alto and Mountain View California. And now I… Read More

As we have all heard… over and over again, the housing market has been taking since the 2008 crash.  The recovery has been hampered by strict lending practices, lack luster economy and backlogs of toxic loans keeping house off the market, but still waiting in the wings. Many people have been slowing getting back into… Read More