When I first got my Griffin Clarifi Macro lens for my iphone, I was pretty happy, but then I realized there is one down side.  I keep the lens closed to protect the iphones lens, which is a great plus I did not think about.  But I also don’t think about removing the lens when… Read More

Finally, my clarifi case arrived.  And so as promised, I did a few experiments… First though, the case itself. It’s a nice case, a bit too smooth for me which makes me fear I will drop it at some point.  I may place a grip sticker on it. The case comes in two pieces, so… Read More

Once I saw this I knew I had to buy it. Often, when I’ve had a good bottle of wine, I would take a picture of the label so that I could buy that bottle later.  However, because of the focal length of the iphone’s lens, I would only be able to read the larger… Read More