I’m American, but as a young budding musician in the 80’s, I was fully on board with English music (especially Punk), my guitar instructor was English, watch more then my share of BBC (young ones!!) and then lived in Oxford for 3+ years. So I can pull a pretty good accent when needed. So after… Read More

Google voice actuated search is out. Finally. Its pretty good. Works just like in the promo film. A few tips though, make sure you speak clearly and slowly. Do not blur your words together. Another tip, say ‘Maps …. Berkeley’ to get maps up. When you click on the first return, it will give you… Read More

I just read on TechCrunch that the Google voice-recognition search application may be delayed till Monday.  Yesterday Google took the video down after a week of hyping, and pretty good hyping at that. Seems that Google and Apple were not totally aligned on the release date for this thing. That is a bit of a… Read More

I found Jott while checking into Google’s new speech recognition app and its not bad. Basically, its a note pad the takes a 15 second voice sample, sends it back to their servers, and converts to text.  Its not perfect as you may guess, but for a quick note, the conversion is normally close enough… Read More