Google Body Browser

Shame.  I really liked this little bit if HTML 5 demo code. Ellie K left a comment our original post when it first went public. They did say in the post that the project would be open sourced somewhere else, but not details as to where and when.  Seems Google is shutting down quite… Read More

We wrote about Google 3D body browser before.  Well now you can have the same 3D experience using some of the new Power Tablets coming out like the Motorola’s Xoom Seen blow. The honeycomb OS release does much better 3D support and from the video below (via VentureBeat); it works pretty well. Course this does… Read More

I update my Chrome browser to give the Google Body Browser a test drive. I really wanted to test it on the Google CR-48 Chrome OS laptop, but you cannot update to a Beta version of Chrome, and as you will read, there is no point anyway. So I gave it a shot and it… Read More