While I was at demo, I talked with the Stanly Lee CEO of NeuroSky about his device and the various possible applications. Many of the things I really wanted to be able to do with the device is actually not an objective of NeuroSky.  Instead, the idea is to focus on the device and let… Read More

So I went golfing a few days back and decided to give GolfTraxx another go.  If you remember my first report on it.. beware of rant.. I was not impressed.  So this time I tried it at another course in Sacramento and it seemed to work on some holes, not on others.  The only thing… Read More

So far, I have been pretty happy with each GPS app I’ve tried for various tasks; data logging when I bike or run, remembering where my car is, even logging my position when I twitter.  So when a friend of mine called me up for a last second game of golf in the middle of… Read More

Well sure, why not?  I was in Sacramento today to play golf with my father and brothers and tried Path Tracker for a hole. Why didnt I keep it running for the whole round?  I forgot my car charger.  Do’h. 🙂  Worked pretty well although it did not place me on the green propery. My… Read More