So your gmail and other Google apps have been acting up?  Screen locking up?  Mail not sending, then when it does you send out 2 or 3 copies?  I sure have.  The funny thing is this started for me the day after Google for iOS5. Now before any one jumps on this, I have no… Read More

Yesterday AOL went down without much a whisper, although credit to Techcrunch for running the story and not playing it soft. (although I wonder how much more biting it would have been if they did get bought, but that’s another question). Well today gmail web client went down for about 15min for some of us. … Read More

Did not last all that long, but made me think, we really need an image for this. I heard ‘Gfail whale’ on twitter. Could be a good way to go. Better then Gfail goat. Just never sank in. However, the clear thing is to make a Gfail image. I figured they would be everywhere, but… Read More

Well, no one’s perfect. Some on twitter are suggesting we need a gfail icon as with the fail whale. A few suggested a gfail goat. Sure, why not? So I whipped something up really quick. Other thoughts and suggestions? Also, I just heard from @mager via twitter that GMAIL basic HTML works. Did not test… Read More