Actually, I expect a kickstarter any minute now.  But THIS is a great solution.  Just like a normal clam case but with controls. Natch! Now, as its shown here, it would not work because there is no way to support the flap, but if there was a solid hinge with a restriction, it could work.  … Read More

oculus HMD

Back in Aug the Oculus made a splash on KickStarter as one of the most well funded VR headsets ever.  Now that they are in production, they have upped the specs a bit.  I think its going to make a huge difference.  Lets have a look at what they say from the Oculus website. The panel we… Read More

At GDC yesterday, I walked past a display showing the ‘Zeemote’.  They had it working with a verity of phones (from the site: major manufacturers like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, and, Samsung).  Missing of course?  The iPhone!  Why? Because it uses Bluetooth which the iPhone VERY poorly supports. However, times.. they are a chang’in..… Read More