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A friend shared this game trailer and while I am not the biggest fan of this type of game, this trailer is great! Kudos marketing team, I can’t believe you did this ship. [ viagra indigestion as a side effect | order usa viagra online | buy cialis online canada | best price viagra |… Read More


Assassin’s Creed has to be one of the better game series I have played in a while. On March 31 was the official announcement for the first Assassin’s Creed game with full motion control! I am happy to see this as I feel that most games don’t take full advantage of the Kinect’s capabilities for… Read More

I just saw this now come through the normal press release wires and thought I would toss it on the site.  I have not tried Empire Builder and thus have no idea if its any good, but the graphics look nice and if your into Egyptian history at all, this could be pretty fun. Empire… Read More

I am not a fan of the Golden Arches, but I do have to give McDonald’s props for creating Pick ‘n Play. Pick ‘n Play is a Pong arcade game for the iPhone that allows visitors to Stockholm, Sweden to compete against a computer for coupons for McDonald’s menu items. Players connect to the billboard… Read More

I have discovered my own ‘Angry Birds’ style game addiction with Cycleblob. Released earlier this week, this Tron inspired game allows the player to control a light cycle and compete against other computer controlled racers on various 3D tracks. Beyond the cool factor of being able to race a Tron light cycle, the game utilizes… Read More

Virtual City is a new iphone/ ipad game that is basically a take off of SimCity.  However, if you look at the video, it looks way more detailed.  The app is not out yet, scheduled for mid June. From watching the video, it looks pretty interesting and you can see people walking around. The normal… Read More

I did a review of football when it first came out back in Sept. Story here. So I got another email last week saying LED football2 is out. Downloaded it, played with it, and just like the first one, its fun. Totally reminds me of when the original came out.  Whats different here is the… Read More

Yea baby yea!!  I said I would let ya’ll know when its out and here it is.. MMmm.. Like you can reach out and touch the buttons. Email from Mark I just got today.. Hello Sports Fans: LED Football is officially live and in the App Store and shooting for the very top! Apple posted… Read More