All this talk about self driving cars causing accidents, very little about how they avoid them and save lives.  So here is the first video clip of a real world situation where a Tesla avoided an accident by stopping way faster than I could have.  Also note, its wet.  So if a human was driving,… Read More


So sweet. I had to login to Reddit just to upvote the rant and comment.  Instead of reprinting the text, I screenshot it for justice.   The basics of this is someone ranting, and rightly so, that a grilled cheese is ONLY bread and cheese.  You add anything else and its a melt.  Now one may… Read More

{Update:  Sigh.  So my wife read this and she said a Japanese wife living in the US got this from her husband and shared it on a Japanese site.  Every now and again, subtleties of language cause a mix up.  Still pretty funny though. } I have been dating and recently married to a Japanese… Read More

I was just thinking...

It did not happen over night.  Back when I first got Brandi, my orange fur ball, I did what most single guys do at the time.  Go to the store and buy whatever dry cat food was on sale.  She was not thrilled with it, but liked it well enough.  And life was good. However,… Read More

A while back I wrote about a funny site that took Peanuts comics and replaced the text with random tweets.  Well some decided it would be a cool idea to do the same thing but instead replace text with lyrics from the Smiths.  Now, if you are not a full blooded Smiths fan, these will… Read More

There is not a whole  lot to say here that the video does not say.  Seems Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, heard his down yelping in pain.  He comes out to see his dog and a raccoon fighting.  So what does bad ass Rose do?  He charges in dressed in his always fashionable boxes and… Read More

ford fiesta beach landing

Yes, a nice clean standard car review from the stodgy conservative folks at Top Gear.  The Ford Fiesta, even the green one, is not terribly exciting.  However, give enough resources and cooperative shopping mall, it can be done.  Still not sure how they convinced the Royal Marines to allow a beach landing during a what… Read More


This is a great video for all those Portal fans out there. Now if you are asking; ‘What is Portal?’  It’s an addictive puzzle game where the player has a portal gun which opens two portals between surfaces, allowing players to literally walk through walls.  This is a bit of an over simplication, but watch… Read More

I still need to go back and find the original post, but here you go.  How much you wanna bet he sold it?  1995 Pontiac Grand AM GT, Yeah Baby! Yeah! ** found it!  Here is the original link. *** I credit a tweet from @jmspool for sharing.  Cause sharing is caring. [ buy… Read More

Credit Jolie at VentureBeat for this one.  Her story on the Dollar Shave Club, mostly focus on the fact these guys raised money in silicon ally for what is a pretty simple not tech idea.  And it seems like a good idea too.  As someone who does shave… ok, ok, every now and again I… Read More

OM Batman

This is so funny.  First off, you need to know what this Ocean Marketing fail is in the first place. tl;dr  This (1man?) marketing shop that represents a game controller failed to keep a customer informed about a shipment date miss.  After 3 times the customer started to get angry about the lake of information. … Read More

iphone as glasses

I’m a reddit lurker. I’ll fess that now. I came across a pretty good comic on how to use your iphone instead of your glasses in the morning, or my case, when I misplace them.. Which I do often. I thought, ‘the world must know!’  Instead, I got sidetracked by work and other life stuff… Read More

Using Doom as a sys admin tool is not new, heck, been around for a few years.  But as I was surfing around the net I came across this post and thought.. eh why not, I’ll repost it. So here is the basic point for you non sys admins out there.  Somewhere, in the deep… Read More


I’m sure this list will grow, but I came across these reading Ultrasnow. I think my favorite Siri reply so far has to be the first one.  “I need to hide a body”, ‘what kind of place are you looking for? and its lists reservoirs, metal foundries, mines, dumps, swamps.   This HAS to be… Read More

I’m sure how else to say but just microphone check as Groover kicks this jam with early holding the beat.  Ahhhh yeeaa..  The Sesame Street gang mix it up Beatie Boys Sure Shot. Its a great world with video editing becomes so easy that someone would take the time to make a music mashup like… Read More

This is so funny!  Posted on, a collection of really funny Peanut cartoons with tweets instead of the original content. The site is called Peanutweeter. (looks like the site is no more) Although not each is a home run, the LOL ration is pretty high. I grabbed a few I like as an example.… Read More

I have not tried it yet, but I will later.  Seems kinda of fun to have on your phone for a few days just for the LOL’s.  Here is a cut and paste from the site. Old Spice Voicemail Message Generator You may be aware of a recent Old Spice advertising campaign featuring a handsome… Read More

Ah Dollar coins.  We still have then you know.  For those that ride the subway and pay cash or visit the post office vending machines, has most likely received gold dollar coins as change..  So what do you do with it?  If you have kids most like give it them, else try to spend those… Read More

We have the first look at the HP TouchPad running WebOS and from what I heard (no I was not there) it’s great! Snappy! Well designed! Great Multitasking! Works seamlessly with the new Pre 3 and other WebOS phones! … I dont care. We not ‘ME’; I’m actually dieing to get my hands on one… Read More

When I first saw this for a second I thought it could have been a joke, but no, this is real, and I can actually see the usefulness of such a case, but I’m sorry, I cannot see walking around in what looks like a baby carrier ‘just’ because I’m too busy to find a… Read More