I use skype, not as much as in the past, but every now and again.  Now truphone has brought in skype support. I can call skype people, skype’rs can call me and I can do IM.  That’s all I need really. I’ve talked about truphone before (link) and VoiP in general for overseas calls (story… Read More

I saw a new app in Cydia for conference calling over VoIP.  That got me ta thin’kin, what are my conference call options with the iphone?  Leaving out typical conference call services that work on ‘any’ phone, I did a quick look around and found an app called ifbyphone. Before I get into it, lets… Read More

Just read in TechCrunch about a new itouch app by UK-based Truphone that allows you to make phone calls on your itouch if you have WIFI access. Sounds pretty good. Calls are free to other itouch users as well as other supported mobile devices and low rates to those outside the system, much like Skype.… Read More

I just did a post when I first installed Fring, but it dawned on me, this could be quite useful for those traveling overseas.   A friend just crossed the pond and was looking to still use his iPhone. I looked into various solutions, but short of a 3rd party SMS service via jailbreak, I… Read More

About time. I downloaded this, singed into my skype account and give it a shot.  The sound quality was not all that great, but usable. Fring is NOT a jailbreak app so that means anyone can use it. The app is free in the app store, so I would grab this if you ever use… Read More