I got an email from Flixwagon with some improvements and I have to say, I’m impressed.  Here is a brief list of changes from the email.. We’ve recently announced our integration with Nokia’s free media sharing service Share on Ovi, so now you can instantly upload your flixwagon videos to Ovi. More information here. If… Read More

Well, one day to go.  Tomorrow will be nuts with crowds and I will bet all kinds of odd things going on.  What is different this year is social media and the tools, especially hand held remotely connected devices, that can record and report from anywhere at anytime. As such, there are three tools you… Read More

There are a number of cool apps for a jailbroken phone that you cannot get via the app store, although most of them are not working on the 2.0.x phones yet…  waiting…. However, even just for these 3 apps/functions, its worth it. 1) Record video.  The quality is not that great, normally around 15 fps,… Read More