OnLives desktop plus has been out a few days and I finally got to try it. If you do not already know, OnLive Desktop Plus give you Window 7  Touch Desktop on your iPad. It’s like remote desktop a.k.a. VNC except was smoother. So smooth you can watch video, flash video. Yes that’s right, you… Read More

The new MacBook doe not come with Flash preinstalled as other Mac OS’s (iOS not withstanding) and devices did in the past.  Well, no longer.  The new MacBook and all future Mac devices will NOT have Flash pre-installed.  Now the first reaction from most people is that this is yet another stab at Flash.  And… Read More

Here you go.  I think the demo says it all.  Flash running on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet. Yes, the great tablet war is alive and well. [ canadian generic cialis | viagra london | rx generic viagra | buy viagra now online | viagra injectable | viagra discount | cialis kanada | womens… Read More

Even more win!!  Adobe has announced its back at work on its port to iphone feature within its Flash Professional CS5 authoring tool. Now just to be clear, this does NOT mean you can play a flash video on the iphone or ipad, just that you can use the same tools you have used to… Read More

WIN!!  Finally, Apple has given up its ridiculous rules that says you cannot use other dev tools, like Adobes Flash studio to create iOS applications.  Here is the statement from Apple: “We are relaxing all restrictions on the development tools used to create iOS apps, as long as the resulting apps do not download any… Read More

Yesterday, we heard that flash got released (as far as you release something for a jailbreak) and today we now have a simple install from cydia.  Just add as a source and search for Frash. I have not installed it on my iphone 3g because the architecture does not support it and I still… Read More

Actually, I’m kind of surprised its taking this long. I figured someone would have taken android version and did a hack/port a few months, back, but I guess I’m getting spoiled with seeing hacks and jailbreaks coming out in days. Still, from what I’ve heard, there is a good proof of concept out there. The… Read More

Well, Adobe gave up the ghost and has announced that it will no longer continue to invest in building a tool that will allow Actionscript programmers to write for the iphone.  Although the shock of Apples c*(k -blocking has already warn off, its still a bit depressing. There has been many arguments that Apple needed… Read More

At least, this is coming from the rumor mills. I point to Gizmodo for my source.. But it makes sense to me. Getting flash to work well on your OS is not all that easy, and given how far behind window mobile keeps slipping, I would bet they dropped it (and a few other things)… Read More

Straight from the web site!  I will update as I learn more. * I just tried one of the apps, and it works great.  And that is not surprising because is coco, but still, anytime you go from one language to another there are risks.  But so far, so good. 3 of the demo apps… Read More

This just came through the wires via Cnet.. Marking a departure from the world of iPhone, HTC’s new Android-based Hero phone will also come with the ability to handle Flash elements that adorn many Web sites and powers YouTube video. Adobe Systems announced on Wednesday that its Flash Player will be built into the HTC… Read More


So, we get a story in the Wall Street Journal talking about Flash on mobile devices.  Adobe says access to mobile is key!  So what is new?  Nothing!!  Apple and RIM still ‘Do not want!’ and Android, Palm and Nokia ‘Do want!’.  I have my HTC from googleIO with Android 1.5.  Looking forward to experimenting… Read More

I’m not an Apple fanboy as anyone who has read this blog long enough will know. However, I have also admitted that when it comes to adverts, Apple is the best. Well, they did it again. Look at this.. In this advert, you can see the 3 people talking with each other, two guys on… Read More

I’ve written a few posts.. ok, a number of posts on how annoyed I am that Flash in not on the iphone. My biggest complaint is the lack of video support.  But WHY?  What we hear from Adobe is that there are technical issues and its up to them to solve. Riiiigghhtt..  Yes, I’m sure… Read More

Arrgg.. every time I read anything about the FAIL on getting flash running on the iphone, it just bugs the heck out of me.  So guess what I read today from cnet? ‘Lynch demonstrated Flash Player 10 on devices running Nokia’s Symbian operating system, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, and Google’s Android operating system. But the quintessential… Read More

Argg.. So I read this on PCW: Adobe has confirmed that Flash capabilities won’t be coming to the iPhone anytime soon. Company CEO Shantanu Narayen recently discussed the difficulties in bringing Adobe’s most well distributed product to the iPhone. “It’s a hard technical challenge, and that’s part of the reason Apple and Adobe are collaborating,”… Read More

rumor control alert!!…. Just read in engadget that Apple is bowing to the pressure of Android and has agreed to work with Adobe to put Flash on the iphone. <rumor> ..Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen has revealed that Apple and Adobe are “collaborating” on making Flash a reality on the iPhone.. </rumor> Not too many details… Read More

Keep waiting….  From flashmagazine At the Flash On The Beach (FOTB) conference in Brighton, Sr. Director of Engineering at Adobe Systems Paul Betlem, confirmed that Adobe is indeed developing a Flash Player for the iPhone. However, Apple calls the shots as to when it’ll be available. Well, this is not telling us anything new.  We already… Read More