usb3 slow port fix

This has been bothering me for a long time. I have both a USB3 external hard drive and thumb drive and since updating to windows 8.1, they have not been working correctly. The external hard drive does not work at all on the USB 3.0 port and the thumb drive is very slow.  I have… Read More

A few days back one of my twitter aps, stopped working for some reason. I have not touched the code in months.  So what the heck was going on?  More odd is that fact the twittFilter was working fine.  They are based off the same OAuth2.0 code.  After a few hours of hacking and… Read More

win8 tiles

I pulled the trigger and updated to Windows 8.1 and first thing I was greeted with was a blurry, low resolution screen.   What the?  Do I did a bit of digging and found the fix.  It has to do with DPI scaling which I would bet is related to handling tablets screens.  Annoying. However,… Read More

This is just a consumer preview, so do not expect everything to work right of the box.  This morning I got an update for windows 8 and that loaded a few drivers (I expected) and suddenly my keyboard control keys started working.  Also I finally got the Sleep option!  Finally.  So if you having any… Read More

I’ve written about DeamCatcher’s iphone video recorder before, mostly saying that it would be my favorite video if the darn thing worked. However, yesterday, the version 3 update for video recorded came out and finally, its working… well mostly. Its still basically the same product as a year ago, and yes you still need jailbreak… Read More