Mozilla has put its foot down and become the first to oppose the controversial bill, CISPA. Where Oracle, Microsoft and Facebook have supported the Internet surveillance bill that passed House last week, Mozilla now stands against. Mozilla stated that even though they support a more secure internet, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, CISPA,… Read More

When I first installed Firefox 4 it was REALLY buggy for me. Lots of crashes and lock ups. I then started removing plugins and its starting to behave much better now. I still have the occasional hiccup, but nothing like in the beginning. However, if you are STILL having crashes and lockups on FireFox, here… Read More

I just noticed this today, which does not mean it has not been there.  On firefox, there is a new item that displays ‘meta’ and share information on the website you are on.  Also, when you click on the pull down bar; it gives you a list of (I guess) your most recent pages.  I… Read More

Om Malik from GigaOm started a rumor (and I only say rumor to be safe) that Mozilla is planning something for the iphone. Now the first thought is; “Hey!  Firefox on the iphone! ” Yeah.  As sweet as that would be, and you bet it would be sweet because the browsing experience on the iphone… Read More