{Update:  Iphones are on sale again in NY.  WTF? My guess is they are going to say it was to fight fraud, but still, whomever manages AT&T command and control as far as messaging withing the company should be put on notice..  And if they change the story again? Then Fire them. } Are you… Read More

Oracle has a new iphone app that looks ok.  In the promotional animation, a business man is flying to Paris, France to give a presentation. Great.  Often, and I can attest to this, you have to use cash for things because your card is not always accepted. So, this application called ‘iReceipts’ seems like any… Read More

I just saw this on BNET.com and have not dug into it yet, but I will later today.  But I thought I better get this out now. from the article… Exchange 2007 will only communicate with devices that have encryption embedded into the hardware, which iPhones older than the 3GS version do not have. However,… Read More

I have not hidden the fact I have complaints with the iphone and AT&T, but all in all, I still regard the iPhone as the best smart phone out there.  Till just recently.. I have the Android HTC from the Google show, but I have only played with it off and on.  Lately, AT&T service… Read More

I do not like iTunes.  Never did.  When I first got the iphone, I would avoid sync as much as possible because of the long sync times.  After while, and with iTunes8, things got better.  It would not lock up, and I would have a full sync in around 2-3 min.  I can live with… Read More

Fehh..  Really.  This is getting old.  I do understand Apples position, they said they did not want an app that can run bitcode.  Fine.  But BASIC?  I mean really.. What the heck are you going to write?  I used to program in BASIC on my C64 and trash80’s, really, there is not that much you… Read More

I’ve been thinking about writing a post on how silly is to get AT&T’s GPS driving directions app/service at 9.99 a month when you can buy a turn-by-turn apps for around $50.  That’s another post. But now I just read on AppleInsider that Loopt has an agreement with AT&T to provide constant location updates for… Read More

When this story first broke 2 days ago, I though; well they are going to release a patch pretty soon given that the vulnerability is going to be released today at the black hat hackers meeting. Well, guess what I read in CNET?  Apple new about this for 6 weeks!!!  Are you kidding me? From… Read More

It never seems to end…  Apple rejected Google Voice and removed GV Mobile from the app store. This is really a pain because I JUST got a work blackberry and will need to start managing my communication a little better.  Being able to do that from my iPhone would be perfect. Seems Apple (read AT&T?)… Read More

Its not like we were not warned or anything. I knew this was coming 2 weeks ago. Twitpocalypse is twitters version of Y2K where the unique identifier associated to each tweet will exceed 2,147,483,647. This afternoon, I spend all of 10 min fixing the db in twittFilter to handle the changes and all good. (lux… Read More

I cannot believe, given how far we have come in social media and community involvement that Palm fails to recognize the value of a strong ‘PRO PALM’ community.  From Scott via slashdot “… The preDevCamp started as a community-driven effort designed to mirror the iPhoneDevCamp based on the new “Pre” product announced by Palm. Unfortunately,… Read More

First off, I’m really surprised not more people raised a stink about this.  When I checked the boards and twitter, it was clear it was on many phones, but either few people seemed to care or the word got out to go through the web interface to play movies.  Perhaps I’m one of the few… Read More

This is odd. Around 1:30am pst (Feb 23 ’09), movies on youtube have stopped working.  As if there was a glitch that has all flash flv being selected instead of the h.264 codec coming up.  I did a quick check on twitter and seems others are having the same issue.  The odd thing is I… Read More

Bummer, I have not reviewed an app for awhile, mostly because I’ve been very busy with twittfilter (www.twittfilter.com) and there has not been anything new that really caught my attention.. Until I say ‘SaveMyDocs’ The idea is to use javascript to allow you to save a web page into a variety of formats that you… Read More

So far, I have been pretty happy with each GPS app I’ve tried for various tasks; data logging when I bike or run, remembering where my car is, even logging my position when I twitter.  So when a friend of mine called me up for a last second game of golf in the middle of… Read More

Normally I use my starbucks card to get wifi at starbucks.  Since AT&T announced that as an iphone users, I can get wifi via the iPhone.  So I took a walk to starbucks and give it a shot.  This is what I got.. Gezzz..  Strike Two.  I’ll give it a few more days and try… Read More