I have not checked this out myself since my Android is at home, so I will simply pass on what I read on venturebeat. I will check into this later and update the post. The version is called Evernote 3.0, and the company says this upgrade is huge. There are added sharing and organizational features,… Read More

Ever2One Converter 1.0 I just got this via a press release. I will try it in a little bit and then update this post. Have you ever dreamed of a possibility to import your notes from Evernote into OneNote in a couple of clicks? If yes, then your dreams have just come true. If not,… Read More

Yeah. Evernote is pretty darn cool.  The only thing close is mobileNoter, but with mobileNoter you need MS OneNote to go with it.  Evernote is pretty cool as a stand along app and now with the release of 3.4, its gets cooler.  Most of the improvements are around the Audio features and functions, but there… Read More

Guest post by @thunderberry –  Follow him! Evernote has long been the swiss army knife of universal capture. Running on Windows, Mac, the Web, multiple smartphone platforms and of course the iPhone, this hybrid of application and service has undergone multiple revisions in its goal to help you ‘Remember Everything”. Add or edit any note… Read More

I do not use Evernote much, despite having it on my desktop and iphone.  However, I REALLY wish I could edit text in the cloud from the iphone, but Evernote just never made it into my workflow, instead I use Google Docs. Well, now with cut and paste being easier to use, I found myself… Read More