In the past year, we’ve seen rapid infusion of consumer technologies into today’s workplace in the form of mobile apps. This trend is driven by two factors: the movement towards bring-your-own-device (BYOD), and the fact that enterprise apps now use consumer sales channels. As a result, user expectations on mobile are steadily rising, and customers… Read More

Yesterday, there were rumors of a Microsoft project to create apps for tablets that will allow greater access to MS Office applications.  Next comes the release of an upgraded Google Documents for Android that provides document editing and real-time collaboration, and now comes onLive upgraded iOS app that provides a windows 7 desktop on the… Read More

The ipad2 announcement just kicked off and we will see what features we will, and mostly will not get.  The rumor mill has been pretty set saying we will get a few things with hardware;  A front facing camera, faster CPU; gyroscope, way thinner, etc…    As for software if you are into taking and editing… Read More