So you did it.  Now you want to go back to iOS5 from iOS6. Of course iPhone 5 and 4s users are out of luck but if you have the iPhone 4, you can still correct your mistake. All you need is a jailbreak. However, if you do have the iPhone 4s or 5, you… Read More


When I first installed Firefox 4 it was REALLY buggy for me. Lots of crashes and lock ups. I then started removing plugins and its starting to behave much better now. I still have the occasional hiccup, but nothing like in the beginning. However, if you are STILL having crashes and lockups on FireFox, here… Read More

I still have not moved from 2.1 to 2.2, but the temptation is there with the promise of a better browser for javascript sites.. I saw this as a comment to another post.. I have not tried it but when I read it the steps seems fine.  Try at your own risk, but if your… Read More