This is a repost.. You have to restore and jailbreak again, so here’s a series of steps for making this process as easy as possible. (Keep in mind that you cannot update a jailbroken device via Settings, also called OTA or wireless updates.) Before restoring, always check first to make sure the new iOS version… Read More

If you are trying to access Cydia and having issues, dont worry, its simply under heavy load at the moment.  The new jailbreak evati0n just broke today, so everyone who have an iPhone 5 who has been waiting for a jailbreak has jumped at it.  Odds this will last for a few days as people… Read More

I have put forth many times that Apple could kill off or make life REALLY hard for jailbreakers if they wanted to, but they don’t.  In this street interview by Haroon, Cydia Creator Jay Freeman talked a bit about how the new features in iOS 5 will not make jailbreak irrelevant nor are they trying… Read More

Wow, I jailbreak day.. a jailbreak afternoon.  Been downloading to jailbreak my 4.2.6 iphone and today just saw QuickPwn Jailbreak for 3.1.1 (for Mac only).  And now via that twitterverse, most @TaimurAsad, I heard that Cydia has got a major update going to 1.1.  Nice!  Its reported that cydia will be faster and fix… Read More

Gezz.  Things move so bloody fast.  I think we all expected the ipad2 to be hacked and jailbroken pretty quick, but it did not even take the weekend to crack this nut.   The hacker Comex, who also did the userland jailbreaks Spirit and JailbreakMe, has released tweets and a video showing an ipad2 running cydia.… Read More

Yes, I know, I have not been active in a LONG time.  Between, my taxes (which are still not done) and this monster flu, I’ve been gutted..  However, lots to talk about, so hopefully I will get back into the flow of things. First off, I guess 4 or 5 days ago, Cydia released… Read More