I’ve written about Clippy before, however, its getting more and more interesting. Now whenever you press the .?123 button, it will read the current or top text field and offer to copy it. Plus, if you are in the email preview mode, and press and hold on a message, it will offer to copy the… Read More

When I first wrote about Clippy, I liked it but I thought it’s usefulness was somewhat limited. However, its been improving bit by bit over time.  Something they added a while back is a feature called the ‘Clipboard Stack’.  It did not hit me right off, but one night I was filling out my login… Read More

I say one step closer because Clippy (a jailbreak app) is still not the full deal.  What clippy will do is keep a string (string= series of alphanumerics) in memory so that you can paste that string into another applications.  There are even limits here, conflicts with intelliscreen, etc.. Still, I like where it’s going,… Read More