You know something has jumped the shark when I write using ‘jumped the shark’.  Yes if “Mars Needs Moms” is proof of anything, making something 3D does not help make something bad, less bad.  What does that have to do with today’s (tomorrows) XKDC comic?  Not a damn thing..  Just wanted to say that.  Now… Read More

I think most of you have seen the animation where someone comes into a store to buy and iphone and salesman offers the HTC EVO only to hear ‘I dont care’ about the better features. So now we have a response.  Now that the person bought the EVO, they try to go into an Apple… Read More

It was only a matter of time before both Apple and Google would find themselves on top and staring at each other. Microsoft was now #2 and Apple was king of the hill, but Google was not far behind.  And after Apple kicked Flash out of the studio, Google made a point in their last… Read More

Apple had worked hard and fought hard to get back to the top.  And now they were ON TOP.  Bigger then Microsoft, Bigger them Adobe, Bigger then anybody.  But the new sound was not Apples alone, and soon Google began to do it for themselves.  And do it well.  Too well.  That’s the problem with… Read More

Apple worked hard and working with Google, they broke through with stage show that was polished, yet could be seen anywhere.. and was seen everywhere. So popular was this show that Flash wanted to be a part of it.  But Apple had other ideas. -> Scene 5: A Challenger Appears! -> Scene 5: A Challenger… Read More

Down but not out, Apple got back to business. Getting their original manager back, they focused on the new way of doing things, the new way of thinking.  And by taking cues from the new startups around, Apple began its return to the spot light. Bigger then anyone would have thought.  But they were not… Read More

And now we are at Scene two.. Apple has hit the skids.  Accepted a deal from Microsoft to get $13 a track.  Apple dumps their old manager and gets their first one back. Now what? … but change is in the air.  The scene is changing… -> Scene 3: A New Apple -> Scene 3:… Read More

Inspired by the I/O conference.. EVEN THOUGH I DID NOT GET A PHONE! .. I whipped up this script in about 20 min.  The drawing by Josh Flores took a little longer.   Any of the events in this comic having anything to do with reality, its purely coincidental… I still need to code up links,… Read More

Last year I went to Google’s IO event and loved it. Here is a post from last year. I’m going again this year and will report on it again, although I expect it will be a bit more toned down, but hey, you never know. So they send me a comic on the mail.  I’ve… Read More