I’m not sure how well this will work but it was announced recently that Comcast subscribers equipped with special gear will be able to use the Web video messaging service Skype on their HD sets “soon.”  No idea what soon means though. The Skype service will be delivered through HDTVs through a Comcast adapter box… Read More

Warning; this is a <rant>! Ok really, I call Comcast and after going through I don’t know how many loops; and looks folks sometimes I JUST want to talk to a representative; anyway I finally get connected to ‘somewhere’ for technical support. I get put on hold and hear this crap music that sounds like… Read More

It was only a matter of time. You can already control your TV (with ComCast) through  the iPad, and HULU has been doing this for a year.  This is not a breakthrough as much as an indication that cross platform media is going to be more and more common place. Comcast Corporation today announced plans… Read More