I’ve written about clearcam a few times before because I thought it was one of the coolest apps to really extend the abilities of the Apple hardware, in this case the camera. Clearcam is jailbreak only (last I checked) because for some reason they could not get into the app store. I’m guessing because of… Read More

Normally I do not write about an app more then once, typically I would just update the original post, ( I know, bad practice ), however in this case, I wanted to write about this again because of how impressed I am with this little app. ClearCam, the original post here, is a program that… Read More

We all know that the camera on the iphone is about as poor as it gets.  Basically its the same thing I had in my treo600/650. I’ve learn to accept this and move on with life.  Well, seems like someone was not willing to take this laying down and did something about it. In comes… Read More