This week I met guys from EDGE Design, EDGE Design is a San Francisco based company with Scandinavian roots that designs mobile cases that look to, “meld form and function in fresh, innovative ways”. Now I have seen a lot of iPhone cases over the years, but I have to say that EDGE Design… Read More

It’s web2.0 time again and again, my iphone will be challenged to stay alive as I use it for everything including tethering when I lose interwebs.  EVERY conference I got the wifi dies at some point. Anyway,  I have a spare battery I carry around, but it’s a bit annoying, so this week I tried… Read More

Finally, my clarifi case arrived.  And so as promised, I did a few experiments… First though, the case itself. It’s a nice case, a bit too smooth for me which makes me fear I will drop it at some point.  I may place a grip sticker on it. The case comes in two pieces, so… Read More