I remember when the Lytro infinite focus camera came out.  I was pretty excited and could not wait to get my hands on one. Then I got my hands on one.  Meh. First, a little background.  The Lytro camera will let you take a picture then let you change the focus AFTER the shot is… Read More

Its travel time!  And like any traveler who lived in Oakland I’m worried someone is going to break into my place.  There are older tricks I use to try to reduce the risk, have friends stopping by, I have a timer that turns on and off the lights and TV.  The normal stuff for those… Read More

A quick moment of silence for my favorite hand cam the Flip. Yesterday Cisco announced it was closing down its division of Flip, a fun little handheld camcorder, as part of the restructuring of its consumer business unit. Cisco purchased Pure Digital, the maker of the Flip, in 2009 for $590 million when they were the… Read More

I hate how slow the iphone camera app is. There must be an app that will load the camera faster. And there is!  Snappy.  Jailbreak of course.  Snappy will let you take a picture faster with your iphone; like one second fast!  Really, this is the faster camera app I have ever seen.  Even better,… Read More

I’ve written about clearcam a few times before because I thought it was one of the coolest apps to really extend the abilities of the Apple hardware, in this case the camera. Clearcam is jailbreak only (last I checked) because for some reason they could not get into the app store. I’m guessing because of… Read More

I’m not going to go over everything, you can find that anywhere.. I’m instead going to look at a few things that I think are really interesting… HTML5 support!  Why is this so important?  HTML5 is like having flash lite without the plug-in!  (I still wish I had flash though).  But take a look at… Read More

This is pretty cleaver. Its not a new app, but something that just passed my notice. Now given that I also have a macro lens and clearcam, I can get pretty good images.  The only problem is, the touch screen is not very accurate. Now if you do not need a precise measurement, its actually… Read More

Normally I do not write about an app more then once, typically I would just update the original post, ( I know, bad practice ), however in this case, I wanted to write about this again because of how impressed I am with this little app. ClearCam, the original post here, is a program that… Read More

We all know that the camera on the iphone is about as poor as it gets.  Basically its the same thing I had in my treo600/650. I’ve learn to accept this and move on with life.  Well, seems like someone was not willing to take this laying down and did something about it. In comes… Read More

When I first got my Griffin Clarifi Macro lens for my iphone, I was pretty happy, but then I realized there is one down side.  I keep the lens closed to protect the iphones lens, which is a great plus I did not think about.  But I also don’t think about removing the lens when… Read More

Finally, my clarifi case arrived.  And so as promised, I did a few experiments… First though, the case itself. It’s a nice case, a bit too smooth for me which makes me fear I will drop it at some point.  I may place a grip sticker on it. The case comes in two pieces, so… Read More

Once I saw this I knew I had to buy it. Often, when I’ve had a good bottle of wine, I would take a picture of the label so that I could buy that bottle later.  However, because of the focal length of the iphone’s lens, I would only be able to read the larger… Read More

I actually downloaded this awhile back but have not used it until now. Its actually pretty interesting.  I took a pic of my cat in a low light situation. [ mexico pharmacy generic viagra | discount cialis levitra viagra | cialis express delivery | best viagra | vigor 2000 | mail order for viagra tablets… Read More

the 10 best jailbreak apps for the iphone / ipad… Read More