For those of you who have jailbroken iphones, and have read my top ten reasons to jailbreak, know about backgrounder. This is a great jailbreak app that allows you to run applications in the background.  And its one of those apps that I have a hard time living without.  Yes, I have a feeling it… Read More

W00t I say, w00t! In case you do not know about running an iphone app in the background, read this.. Remember though, if you are playing digital radio, it will take up power and thus your phone will get warm and that’s BAD for batteries. So make sure you do what you can to… Read More

Ok, this is just cool.  I updated SBSetting last night and now I get an icon for active threads.  Now since I have folders, I do not see everything, but still, kinda cool.  That is all. {update} I was just made aware that this is part of backgrounder.  Which makes sense when you think of… Read More

I was writing a post on the best way to use Pandora on the iphone (link to article) and it struck me that THIS is how we may see ‘run in background’ support working on the iphone and why we want it. First a few words on the Pro’s and Con’s of running an app… Read More

the 10 best jailbreak apps for the iphone / ipad… Read More