What appears to be a rare iPhone 6 prototype is currently up for auction on eBay after Apple mistakenly sent it out, a customer claims. According to one eBay seller, Apple accidentally sent her an early version of the 6 upon renewing her contract; so far, there are 166 bids on kimberlyk1018 ‘s product. The… Read More

Apple says today’s remote control is outdated. With that in mind, Apple laid out in a patent application published Thursday a new kind of digital remote control for its Apple TV set-top box that uses icons and pictures, similar to those graphic interfaces on TV, but shrunken down and customized for a smartphone or tablet… Read More

The disastrous iOS 8.0.1 update that curtailed users’ cellular signals and created other bugs earlier this week may have a connection to another major glitch in recent history: the shaky rollout of Apple Maps . The company said less than 40,000 users downloaded iOS 8.0.1 before it was pulled over an hour after its release… Read More


The details are still dripping out, but it seems a hacker called ‘Oleg Pliss’ is accessing peoples iPhones by using your Apple iCloud account and invoke the ‘Find My iPhone’ service.’  Oleg will then lock your phone and charge you £55 to unlock it.  There is not much you can do about it right now… Read More

This has been a rough few days for Apple.  A ‘goto fail’ hole appeared in the OS that lets people defect a security server key which lets them do .. well not sure.  From a quick read of the code, seems like if you can get a false handshake to work then depending on the… Read More

This is gold. Announced last week, the Chinese manufacture GooPhone decided to take all the iphone 5 rumors out there and create that phone.  However, instead of running iOS on this, they would run Android.  Now this is funny enough, but it seems that since Apple did not patent the iphone 5 specs yet, GooPhone… Read More

Ah never mind.  This tuned out to be fake.  Oh but I wish it was true.    This is just TOO good.  I read a story in thepaperblog on how Samsung paid Apple in nickles!  30 Trucks full! Seems the laywer forgot to include any clause about HOW to make the payments.  Nice.  Seems the… Read More


Ouch.  Samsung has to pay $1B+ to Apple in fines for violation of patents.  However, Apple did not win everything.  Jury voted No on on the Apple’s claim  that Samsung has violated Section 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act by monopolizing one or more technology markets related to the UMTS standard. Another win for Samsung:… Read More

I have not really encounter this, at least yet, so I’m not bothered to do this, but then again, perhaps I do not use the type of applications that would flood me with iOS Apple ads.  If you are, Apple has provided a way for you to opt out. Here are the steps and links..… Read More

I know this was never Apples intention, but with iTunes Match, you can take your analog music and convert it to high quality digital for $25.  How?  First, digitize your old stuff.  I recommend buying an old but good quality tape player (Or record player if you have vinyl). You also need a RCA to… Read More

Although some may find it a bit off, using an animated icon that represents much of what drives Mac users nuts (especially us occasional users), but somehow it kinda works for me. Something about always waiting for the next great thing that is going to come from the mind of Steve Jobs, and for us… Read More


It was only a matter of time, and I guess the time is now.  Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of APPle. So what does that mean?  In the short term, not a lot.  The stock market has not responded much in after hour trading, but we will see tomorrow.  This has been long in… Read More

just read this on http://www.pocketgamer.biz/r/PG.Biz/App+Store/news.asp?c=30179. Have not confirmed. Continuing a pattern triggered by consumer criticism over ‘accidental purchases’ of virtual goods in games such as Capcom’s Smurfs’ Village in late 2010, Apple is set to tighten its in-app purchase policy again. According to developer sources, new apps being submitted to the App Store will limit… Read More

Taiwanese computer giant Acer wants to be like Apple with premium products and high margins. Now it thinks it has a more promising future in tablets, Bloomberg reports.
This is a big change in Acer’s strategy. The company has previously focused o…… Read More

Apple’s latest changes regarding subscription services are a bad move for the long term health of the App Store. Read why they must change.… Read More

I have not had a chance to really did into todays announcement from Google so I’m going to do a quick post here with some bullet points video below. I’ll return to this post with deep thoughts later today.  There is a lot to take in; and not all of it is new news. The… Read More

There is no question that the iPhone has been an amazing success and only its At&T appendage has slowed it down from even further adoption. As great as the hardware is, just as much if not more of the credit has to go to the OS. Even after 2 years the iPhone OS is still… Read More

So what does that mean?  Well in short, the exploit that has been used in the rain series is now closed.  Basically the new crop of iphones you get off the shelf cannot be jailbroken.  This includes BlackRa1n if I understand the TechCrunch article correctly. (I still need to research this a bit more). If… Read More

It seemed pretty clear that Apple was not going to allow any real players in VioP/phone management area into the iPhone. Ok, we have all heard the story.. if you have not, look here..  But have a look at this press release.. HOLMDEL, N.J., Sept. 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Vonage (NYSE: VG – News) has announced… Read More

The war has not started yet, but the armies are gathering their forces.  Apple is building a tablet based off the iphone OS and the rest of the world will be using Android. So how what will the first skirmish look like? Based on the last known rumors, we have a coming Apple tablet that… Read More