We were waiting and the day has came.  Google has opened up the Google+ API. At first glance it seems pretty normal.  Typical Restful stuff. We love the way the programmable web has evolved, so we’re using existing standards and best practices wherever we can: Our API methods are RESTful HTTP requests which return JSON… Read More

This is not a surprise or big news but just another indicated that Google is plodding along with turning Google+ into the success the Google Wave never experienced.  Unfortunately, most of us have to wait around while a chosen few started testing the API set. Here’s the leaked letter Google Ventures sent to its portfolio… Read More

Google has not released an official API yet, however, that does not mean you cannot start playing around with Google+ data.  There are quite a few unofficial API’s.  Here is a list I saw on ‘programmableWeb‘ Google+Tweet: A full featured Twitter client inside your Google Plus Account. Google+Facebook: A browser extension that lets you view… Read More

{UPDATE} Well, seem with all the issues Twitter has been  having lately they have pushed this back a month, perhaps 2.  But dont get lacks, its going to happen, so you may as well get on it now. The end time are nigh.  Yes, for all of us first gen Twitter App dev’s our old… Read More

The story already broke a number of hours ago, but still for anyone who does Twitter dev, this is pretty big news. Basically, anyone who builds a twitter client has retweet as a feature.  Basically all we do populate the send field with the selected message prepend with a “RT”. Now (not all) clients use… Read More