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I just saw a video that blew my mind. Its not JUST that its a great idea, nor just looking like lots of fun, nor REALLY great combination of xbox tracking and gearVR to allow room scale VR, but the APPROPRIATENESS of the marketing event!  Get ready for some serious gushing over the best VR marketing… Read More

gear vr back

(Note, I’m posting this now, but its not done. But what I do want is feedback. Good list? Bad list? you have a better top 10? Tell me.) I finally got my Note 4 and start loading apps on the Samsung Gear VR and here is my top ten favorites.  Normally I do not include… Read More

google Cardboard VR glasses front

… I’ve been here for years.. Song?  Anybody?  That’s right!  LL Cool J, ah a trip in the way back machine.  However, we are not going to talk about ’91 rap, instead we are going to talk about what VR was in ’91 when ‘Mama said knock you out,’ was released, then again in ’98… Read More

Yahoo announced today it’s shuttering a handful of products, including Qwiki, a mobile app Yahoo acquired last July for $50 million, which helps users create movies from the photos and videos in their Camera Roll. Also getting the boot are Yahoo Education, a site designed to connect users to educational content and providers, as well… Read More

I have known that fasting has health benefits for a long time, but with exception to when I’m sick, I just never really bothered. Then I watched a BBC special where they walked through the science behind what fasting does to the body and the health effects. The data seems to indicate there are far… Read More

Wait what?  A post about bunnies???  WTF is going on here?? Relax, this is just a test post. When you do WP dev, sometimes you need a place to store test stories, this is one of them.  And its BUNNIES!  Are you so jaded in life you cannot be cool with bunnies? Bunnies are great,… Read More

by Rob Jackson

Seriously?!! Apple is already planning on making a new iPhone? If the iPhone5 what such a crash and burn (as alot of people think), shouldn’t they be taking a a little time to improve on some of the features that the iPhones are lacking? Android OS has quite a few things that put them ahead… Read More

Rha screen shot

I came across this short movie called ‘R’ha’ made by German film student Kaleb Lechowski. The film is visually stunning and Lechowski said it took several months to complete by himself. The story reveals a plot of an alien race betrayed by its own machines in search of their independence. [ generic cialis next day… Read More


As we all learned Cydia is still not available on the “Tethered” jailbreak that is available for iOS6 from RedsnOw.com . But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to do.  The process is actually quite simple, and even someone with little programming skills can do it. So lets get it done. All you need… Read More

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One of the most popular jailbreak tweaks “Zephyr” was recently updated to 1.3.5. Now enabling a multitasking gestures. The new gesture is new feature, which adds a Notification Center-like grabber for each movement. This tweak allows these features to come to your idevice: 1.) Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to close apps… Read More

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fake screw

The news is moving through the blogs now, so I will assume you already know that the ‘new’ asymmetric screw was a fake.  This happen quite a bit with Apple, especially around new iphone / ipad releases. But what was different about this rumor was the post analysis by the guys who started the rumor… Read More


Just came across the V Motion Project by Assembly which is a pretty cool use of the Kinect for creating music. Check out this music video with some dubstepping-hand-waving-DJing shot on the streets of Auckland,NZ. “This project combines the collective talents of musicians, dancers, programmers, designers and animators to create an amazing visual instrument. Creating… Read More

I just got this in an email, so just posting for the heck of it.   SENSOGLOVE: 10% off SensoGlove digital golf glove and FREE shipping at www.sensoglove.com from November 25th – December 2nd.  Use promo code: Christmas2011.   IBIKE:  $100 off any iBike Dash Power (Black) bicycle trainer computer systems:  iSport ($299, normally $399),… Read More

As we have all heard… over and over again, the housing market has been taking since the 2008 crash.  The recovery has been hampered by strict lending practices, lack luster economy and backlogs of toxic loans keeping house off the market, but still waiting in the wings. Many people have been slowing getting back into… Read More

Paper Culture Plants One Million Trees by 2020, Reinvents Consumers’ Thoughts about Stationery Company’s modern, eco stationery never cuts new trees & plants a tree for every order MILLBRAE, Calif. – April 19, 2011 – Having already hooked design lovers on its modern, eco stationery, Paper Culture, in partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation, has… Read More

!Warning, this is a rant! With the growing interest in augmented reality, I continue to notice where presenters, bloggers, researchers, and other have misinformed their audience about the subject. To use the most generic of references, “Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or an indirect view of a physical, real-world environment… Read More

A friend in the office showed this to me upon returning from SxSW and I found it way too cool. Junkyard Jumbotron is a project from MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media designed by Rick Borovoy and Brian Knep. It is a web tool that combines a bunch of random displays into a single shared… Read More

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