Yes I want this.  This device was announced last year, but no one could seem to get their hands on it.  Until today. The core of this 3 part system is an high end Android smartphone. Sporting a 4.3-inch AMOLED display, a Qualcomm dual-core processor, running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), Bluetooth, a 8-megapixel camera,… Read More

Late last year when the Kindle Fire came out, pundits were saying, ‘oh this is going to be an iPad killer’ To which most of us in tech with 1/2 a clue basically ignored them and instead asked who was going to win this new market and how long will it be till Apple looks… Read More

From VentureBeat

Last month I said it would believe it when I see a sub $50 tablet, well know I’ve seen it from VentureBeat.  It costs around $45 to build, but with a $10 discount from the government, we have a $35 tablet. Now this is just for India keep in mind and targeted for some of… Read More

I cannot count how many tablets have come out saying they are better then the ipad this way or that way, all bullocks of course. However, now we have and offering from ASUS that at least appears as a viable competitor. The ASUS Eee Pad. Strange name I know, but a very straight forward offering.… Read More

Just to be clear, I have not played with the RIM Playbook for more then a few min and that was a beta model.  It seemed pretty good for a beta back then and I was looking forward to seeing how it will do when finally released to the market… Then I read this on… Read More

We have the first look at the HP TouchPad running WebOS and from what I heard (no I was not there) it’s great! Snappy! Well designed! Great Multitasking! Works seamlessly with the new Pre 3 and other WebOS phones! … I dont care. We not ‘ME’; I’m actually dieing to get my hands on one… Read More

Here you go.  I think the demo says it all.  Flash running on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet. Yes, the great tablet war is alive and well. [ viagra for sale in gibralter | buy herbal viagra | wholesale generic viagra in canada | who should not take viagra | buying viagra online |… Read More

Remember back in the day when TC’s Micheal Arrington had an idea for a simple tablet that he can operate from his couch to do basic things; mostly around web browsing?  (read ipad) Then the he and the group he was working with had a falling out?  And then they tried to do it on… Read More

Wow.  Just read in Techcrunch, ( ta for the tip @thekenyeung ) that HP is killing the slate.  At least in its current format. There is a possibility it can come back running WebOS.  But till we know for sure, its dead. So who is left?  Google.  I have not heard much on the gSlate,… Read More

A challenger appears!!  The Great Tablet War continues.  Apple was the first major player on the field and completely destroyed all competitors to the point that we cannot even remember their names…  But that dominance will only hold for so long. On Engadget (who else) we have a leak of the new HP Slate.  And… Read More

We pick up in the war after the CrunchPad came and went, various ‘tablets’ from other manufactures have taken up position on the field.  Apples iPad is the first heavy into battle, and with great surprise, not to much effect.  The general reception to the iPad has been even at best.  Now comes Googles tablet,… Read More

The apple iPad is finally out. And it’s pretty much what we expected; a really big and hyper powered iPhone/iPod.  Anyway, all in all, that’s ok. So why am I not buying one? Well it’s because I already have an iPhone. Now, if I was a big iPhone game player, we would be having a… Read More

I have not had much time for writing and this will be a really quick post, but I fell pretty sure that whatever the Apple slate or iPad will be called, it will not be the iTablet because there is already one.  At CES I saw an iTablet (and I will post the images up… Read More

The storm clouds over CES in Las Vegas have been gathering as the Apple, Google, Microsoft and the loosely unified free states prepare for war.  Even though we know Apple will not make their announcement till Jan 26, they will leaks bits and bobs to counter the other slate warriors from having the field TOO… Read More

This is not a full review of the Camangi since I do not have it in my hands, but this is a perfect example, of the slew of Android Slates that I expect to see coming out this year.  This slate is listed at $400 bucks, and based on the specs, its basically a big… Read More

The great (slate) Tablet war moves to the next stage as expected.  The first player on the scene the JooJoo, which used to be known as the CrunchPad, was the first to enter the battleground.  I expect to see it again this coming week at the #CES show in Las Vegas, but already they are… Read More