So VR Internet, called ‘Samsung Internet’ for some reason, just came out today.  It is a Beta so some things we are going to overlook, like youtube not always loading and playing and drift; instead lets focus on the things I think will make it a great 1.0.  Before we start, PLEASE SUPPORT .GIFV.  If you… Read More

samsung watch

Just to be clear, I still think the Apple watch is the best of a generation, that is, the first smart watch generation.  But I’m already looking to the next one and with the Samsung Gear S and LG Urbane, I think I already see it. First the Gear S.  I’ve been using it for 2 weeks… Read More

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Ok, so this article on driver-less cabs just popped up saying NY’s Mayor de Blasio just signed with Google to have them put out a fleet of 5000 driver-less cars in Brooklyn and Queens.  They will be called Zippie.  Nice.  And that is not all; order now and get an ATM machine, vending machine spitting… Read More


As of last week we finally have an in service self driving vehicle on the road, however the vehicle is a big rig. So unless you haul 18-wheelers, you are not going to get your freeway autocruise just yet.  However, now that we got trucks on the road, its only a matter of time before… Read More

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A while back I wrote a post that we would see self driving trucks before we see self driving cars.  Well that truck is now officially hitting the road in Nevada, and assuming the pics are of the actual truck that is going to hit the road, its sci-fi-ish. The Inspiration truck features a system… Read More

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So Friday Elon Musk finally gave us the full details on the home battery he has been hinting at for the last few months.  As expected, it’s basically a smart battery that you can mount on a wall that will smooth out your home or buildings power demand from the grid as well as extend the… Read More


First seen at the Lamborghini booth at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 in March, Samsung and Lamborghini created a well received 360 video of the Lamborghini driving around. Well I finally got to see it today and its more than just a camera in the car.  This video was very well planned out and shots… Read More

Apple watch hero_classic_leather_large

Sound less then excited in my title?  That is because I was.  I have the original Pebble, the Pebble Steel and the original LG.  The Apple watch is nicer then all of these, but only just a bit nicer.  The screen is a bit nicer, but not much.  I liked the round edges of the… Read More

Apple watch aaand it gone meme

Short answer mostly no.  Long answer, there are still watch to be sold to Apple owners, you just have to sell it the right way.  Now even though Apple sold out of their first batch of pre-orders, they did not release any numbers to indicate how many that is.  Some analysts have predicted the company… Read More

Cute Pebble Smart Watch

So what does Pebble have up its sleeve.. and targeted for ours..  Based on the announcement it seems pretty clear some new platform upgrades.  But that about it.  Well, I have my wishlist handy.  I have an app for the Pebble called NewsSnacker.  Its not complicated but does what I want.  Lately I have been… Read More

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Not too impressed, but I cannot wait to see an actual game like in the Gear VR.  The quality could be a bit better, but still pretty good.  The NBA All Star video should be out in a few weeks so we are on standby.  REALLY looking forward to it though. There are two videos,… Read More

gear vr back

  The idea of immersing ourselves deeper into an augmented and or virtual reality has captivated many of us thanks to sci-fi books like Snow Crash and Rainbows End. It has also created an explosion in growth the past few years of Head Mounted Displays (HMD) and augmented reality glasses projects. AR glasses and HMDs… Read More

bill the vaper

A computer virus that is, and you can.  Seems there is a reported case, on Reddit, of an e-cigarette delivering a payload of malware once plugged into the USB port.  A cheap device from China it seems. No shocker there.  So what should we learn from this especially given the post I did yesterday on… Read More

simcity offline

With the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and Samsung gear VR there are many options for low cost VR.  As a long time SimCity mayor, my first thought was, how cool would it be to explore my city in VR!  So I waited.  Nothing.  Why? As you already know, SimCity is full 3D, you can navigate… Read More

Just what IS up with Down Under? I heard a bit of buzz coming out of Australia regarding their Tech scene. On November 19th, 2014, Australian/ U.S. based xTV (backed by Australian based Applabs, UST Global and Archimedes Labs) announced the commencement of a new Go To Market campaign to help accelerate the adoption of… Read More

Ok, that was horrible and I should be bludgeon with a heavy brass object, however, once I explain what xTV is, perhaps you will forgive me a little bit. “ok, fine then, what is xTV?” XTV is a internet video service for the enterprise. (IPTV) But it’s not useful to just enterprise users.  Imagine you have… Read More

That was quick!  As soon as the Moto 360 smart watch went on sale it sold out.  What does that tell us in the wearable world?  That looks matter!  I have been pounding on this point over and over again, and just yesterday when I wrote about the Samsung gear 2 s, looking better, but… Read More


I have been pretty harsh on Samsung basically asking why are they throwing everything but the kitchen sink onto a watch making it large and ugly.  And why have they not released a curved screen yet? Well they finally did.  And I think they got it mostly right this time. The Gear 2 S is… Read More

fry skully take my money

If you ever needed proof of a market demand for a new type of product, do a crowd funding raise.  Skully, producers of the cyber motorcycle helmet that gives the rider a Google Glass like HUD, is just about to pass the $1 million dollar mark for money raised.  The helmet is pretty cool.  Take… Read More

I got the Google LG G watch after Google I/O to try out the new API and if I could implement a push service using my site newssnacker.com.  Simple enough idea, I want to write a protocol that will only send message to my watch when something big breaks.  However, after just 24 hours I… Read More