…with a smooth frame rate and built on open web technologies. The IGD team at Fraunhofer, a German research institute, is doing some really amazing things regarding delivering high polygon count web3d scenes on mobile devices using WebGL and X3Dom. X3Dom is a framework for integrating and manipulating X3D scenes as HTML5/DOM elements. Pat yourself on the back if you… Read More

  “ONE WEEK ONLY: biteSMS licenses on SALE HALF PRICE!!! Check out biteSMS, Settings, Themes…NICE!!! Added a ‘mark as read’ icon in the Apple banner roll notification. Added the ability to display the contact pic in the ‘Lock Screen Notification List’ (see biteSMS, Settings, More Stuff, Contact Pics). Better control of Quick Reply. See biteSMS,… Read More


If you have been following along with all of the guys who are behind the scenes of jailbreaking, then you already know. Some how, amazingly fast productivity has kept them on the heals of the the iOS6 developers. Releasing update after update of jailbreaks. Presently, you can upgrade your iDevice, by downloading the iOS6 firmware… Read More

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I had to share these 2 items that leverage innovative tools and technologies to tell better stories. First is Our Choice, an interactive e-book by Al Gore.  Our Choice is an interactive 400-page book with videos, photos, and info-graphic content that illustrates how powerful interactive story telling can be. It was developed in collaboration with… Read More

Last month I blogged and shot a video showing off a Black Eyed Peas augmented reality app I made using Metaio’s Junaio platform. At the time, I was surprised that Metaio didn’t share or retweet with their community this app I made as they usually do with work that others do with their platform and… Read More

We all know about Adobe returning to work on porting an app written in CS5 thus using ActionScript.  But its not out yet.  And may not be out for a bit as I comment on my post on Adobe getting back to work.  However, if you just cannot wait, there is another option. Corona! The… Read More

First off, I have not tried this yet.  I tried to download it and give it a test, but it was not in the store.  I’ll send them an email to try and find out whats up. UPDATE:  Seems they were getting a DNS attack and took the app off the store.  Its back up… Read More

Top ten most addictive iphone games – by Jared Peri There are lots of really great iphone games out there, but sometime you want a game that does not take too much investment to learn or long term focus. These are simple additive games that you can call up and play while waiting in line… Read More

I do not like iTunes.  Never did.  When I first got the iphone, I would avoid sync as much as possible because of the long sync times.  After while, and with iTunes8, things got better.  It would not lock up, and I would have a full sync in around 2-3 min.  I can live with… Read More

I was writing a post on the best way to use Pandora on the iphone (link to article) and it struck me that THIS is how we may see ‘run in background’ support working on the iphone and why we want it. First a few words on the Pro’s and Con’s of running an app… Read More

And it might be worth it.. Not for me, but for some people.  But what is interesting here is that price point of $30.  Personally, for $30, I can see people paying for this even though the normal ‘top’ price is $10, except for one issue.  Its wifi only!  No 3G.  So now recast the… Read More

The NIN app was accepted, then last night I read that a Jesus face app, Me so Holy (replace Jesus with your face) was rejected. Ok, fine, but again, this will offensive to some people, fun to others.  This Boolean approach of Gatekeepers who decided what will and will not by accepted is somewhat dictatorial. … Read More

There have been enough rejected apps in the iphone store to support a top 10 list.  Now, after the shaken baby app getting through, then pulled but the NIN app getting rejected full stop, tells me the review process is spotty at best, faulty at worst.  And then you have people like ‘Victor Wang’ who… Read More

This is great. I use Pandora as my radio when I drive for my radio music exclusively. I have another app for BBC and NPR, but music… pandora. I do not even remember the last time I listen to the radio for music. Funny thing though, the radio stations in the Bay area stink for… Read More

I’m not sure what I would use this for, but hey, you never know, I’m sure someone out there will find it useful, and thus… to posting!! This comes from ‘Hack n Mod‘ a very cool site. It’s pretty easy actually, here are the steps from the site.. On your iTouch/iPhone start up i-c-livecams. In… Read More

This is pretty cool.  I fully agree with Peter Kirn that Apple rejecting this as an app is sillyness.  But then again, thats not new.  Still, I admire the push to get this to work within the browser.  I have not tried it myself since I only have PHP running on my linux box which is not… Read More

Actually, I’m not sure I should even call this a rumor.  I mean why not?  I do not think youTube has a contract or anything that would incourage Apple to keep them out.. so I say Hurraa and speed it up! From the webware site:   Silicon Alley Insider is reporting that a dedicated Hulu application is indeed… Read More

Yes, I know, I have not been active in a LONG time.  Between twittfilter.com, my taxes (which are still not done) and this monster flu, I’ve been gutted..  However, lots to talk about, so hopefully I will get back into the flow of things. First off, I guess 4 or 5 days ago, Cydia released… Read More

Ok, a joke there.  The fact it was jailbroken so quickly is quite impressive. I would have figured early summer, but the proof code is out there.  Course, Apple has some language in the SDK agreement saying that you will NOT contribute to jailbreaking efforts.  This will not stop the jailbreaking, but does give the… Read More