Been awhile since I did an jailbreak update eh? I read when jailbreak 8.0 came out and it came without Cydia but with a host of issues.  A few updates took care of that.  Again, DO NOT UPDATE to iOS8.1.1.  The patches the hack. From Redmond Pie UPDATE: Team Pangu has released a tool to… Read More


This is a bit late but I have been busy.  So its pretty old news now that yes many of the ‘New’ UI improvements in iOS7 have been around for awhile.  Many via Jailbreak.  So say something you really liked in iOS7?  Check out this list.  Odds are you can have it. However, before we… Read More

The rumors were true. Apple has finally overhauled its UI; and it looks like a combination of Metro and flaticons (Jailbreak).  I guess that says something for the Metro design approach. The redesign is cleaner and more efficient, but somehow it just does not sit well.  It feels like its trapped between Metro and the… Read More

I have not tried this so use at your own cation.  But if you want to know how to restore your iOS on your iphone or ipad but NOT lose your jailbreak, this could be for you.  Now before you ask, its RESTORE.  Not upgrade or downgrade. So that being said, here is SemiRestore! SemiRestore… Read More


This is welcome news.  According to AppleInsider, Apple Care will not fix your device on the spot instead of exchanging your device for a like new one.  That is not the only new news.  Apple is also looking to move to or add a subscription model to Apple care.  This can be great for those… Read More

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When I was more active on this blog, I mostly wrote about the iPhone.  Especially jailbreaking.  The cat and mouse, back and forth between the Jailbreaking community and Apple. In time, a completely outside eco system based on Cydia appeared where people could submit apps, store purchase history and get SAAS services all without going… Read More

RaisetoCall is for jailbreak app, so for you non jailbreakers, need not apply. The way the app works is simple enough.  If you are sending and receiving text messages on the SMS screen, simply raise the phone up to your face / ear and it will dial the number you were texting.  Simple! The tweak… Read More

ios-6-jailbreak-no cydia

Yup, the cat and mouse games goes on.  Its rumored that iOS 6.1.3, that has been released to beta testers, will close the whole used by the jailbreak Evasi0n. This new release is not just to close the exploit keep in mind, there are plenty of other bugs in 6.1 that needs to be address,… Read More

This is a repost.. You have to restore and jailbreak again, so here’s a series of steps for making this process as easy as possible. (Keep in mind that you cannot update a jailbroken device via Settings, also called OTA or wireless updates.) Before restoring, always check first to make sure the new iOS version… Read More

OK, that was a really misleading title, but in a way, it sums up what I have observed in the last few years.  There are so many people with smart phones, that as I’m sitting on the train typing this, 85% of the people in my car are looking at phones or tablets, headphone in,… Read More

If you are trying to access Cydia and having issues, dont worry, its simply under heavy load at the moment.  The new jailbreak evati0n just broke today, so everyone who have an iPhone 5 who has been waiting for a jailbreak has jumped at it.  Odds this will last for a few days as people… Read More

ios-6-jailbreak-no cydia

And its out.  Called evasi0n they claim to Jailbreak 6.x iOS’s, untethered, on the A5 chips found on the iPhone 5 and future Apple mobile devices I’m sure…. Till the A6 comes out. I have not tried this jailbreak myself, and as I ALWAYS say, give this a few days to a week to be… Read More


Tomorrow, Jan 26, if you buy a smart cell phone, its illegal to unlock it to work on a different carrier.  If you already have a phone or buy one today, you are safe.  This has caused many people to think that jailbreaking  will be illegal tomorrow.  No. Jailbreaking is still legal. Which leads to… Read More

ios-6-jailbreak-no cydia

Wait, what?  They have a working jailbreak for iOS6 and I cannot get it?  Why?  Well because the cat and mouse game with Apple had entered its next dimension.  Consider that we have gone from checkers to chess. David Wang wrote on r/jailbreak that they already have an exploit but do not want to release… Read More

siri reads notifications VSNotifications

There is a cool jailbreak app that will read you banner notifications using Siri voice called VSNotifications.  Nice! Credit http://appadvice.com/ via ‘The Great iPhone Jailbreak‘ for this one. You can get this from the Cydia Store in the BigBoss repository.  Once installed you enabled it from a new pane that will be added to the… Read More


So you did it.  Now you want to go back to iOS5 from iOS6. Of course iPhone 5 and 4s users are out of luck but if you have the iPhone 4, you can still correct your mistake. All you need is a jailbreak. However, if you do have the iPhone 4s or 5, you… Read More


As we all learned Cydia is still not available on the “Tethered” jailbreak that is available for iOS6 from RedsnOw.com . But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to do.  The process is actually quite simple, and even someone with little programming skills can do it. So lets get it done. All you need… Read More

So as we are all aware, the new iPhone 5 was announced yesterday with a lengthy list of new specs, by apple, along with the new iPod 5g (the first of which to be released with a multi color color display option).  Both of which are going to have the anticipated iOS6 on them.  According… Read More

  “ONE WEEK ONLY: biteSMS licenses on SALE HALF PRICE!!! Check out biteSMS, Settings, Themes…NICE!!! Added a ‘mark as read’ icon in the Apple banner roll notification. Added the ability to display the contact pic in the ‘Lock Screen Notification List’ (see biteSMS, Settings, More Stuff, Contact Pics). Better control of Quick Reply. See biteSMS,… Read More