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Well if your like me and have an android device and are using a mac instead of a PC, then you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to figure out how to SYNC your music, photos, and videos with the Droid to your Mac. Well wait no more my friends!!!!… Read More

Taiwanese computer giant Acer wants to be like Apple with premium products and high margins. Now it thinks it has a more promising future in tablets, Bloomberg reports.
This is a big change in Acer’s strategy. The company has previously focused o…… Read More

There is a story going around that if you try to root your Android HTC G2, it will detect that you rooted it and return it back to factory… Read More

I think most of you have seen the animation where someone comes into a store to buy and iphone and salesman offers the HTC EVO only to hear ‘I dont care’ about the better features. So now we have a response.  Now that the person bought the EVO, they try to go into an Apple… Read More

Yes, just as we were starting to get used to the idea of a 1 gig processor in our phones, there is already rumor of a 1.5 gig Android phone on the way. And again, rumor control, but mobileCrunch reported that a phone called the HTC Scorpion could be coming to Verizon that not only… Read More

Oh lets hope so.  Its total rumor, but I just read on androidandme.com that t-mobile will be updating 3G myTouch phones.  That COULD also mean the Google Ion I/O phones we got in 2009, aka, the Magic. For those of you who still have your Google Ions, it has been stuck at 1.6 forever just… Read More

I have not hidden the fact I have complaints with the iphone and AT&T, but all in all, I still regard the iPhone as the best smart phone out there.  Till just recently.. I have the Android HTC from the Google show, but I have only played with it off and on.  Lately, AT&T service… Read More