Why PdaNet, iPhone tethering and Jailbreak rocks!! Again!!

Yes, AGAIN, PdaNet to the rescue.  At the 140tc conference today, the wireless was in and out.  I needed to do some updates to twittfilter and the FTP updates failed because of the wireless. I then gave up on the wireless and pulled out the trusty PdaNet app.  Here is a hint though, if you… Read More

Why PdaNet is a Must Have for the iPhone

PdaNet is not a new app, nor are apps for tethering new. I even wrote about and downloaded PdaNet back in Sept.  Story here. I never did have a use for it, nor did I expect I ever would, till today.  I took a 2 mile walk to starbucks (need the exercise) expecting to have… Read More

PDAnet (aka NetShare) is out. Its time to tether

When NetShare first came out, I did not download it because … bah, I do not remember why not.  However, once it was pulled off the app store, I really wish I did. I do not need tethering that often, in fact, I only rememeber wishing I had it once, but in the jailbreak world,… Read More

Android Tethering blocked by Google and how to get around it

I saw in the news a few days back that Google was going to do this, and based on a post in Venturebeat I guess they pulled the trigger.  Google is now blocking Android tethering apps from the Store. Well not blocking per se. From VB – “You can still see it in the Android… Read More

No more tethering through Jailbreak on the iPhone?

WTH?  According to VentureBeat, seems that AT&T has been sending letters out to subscribers of MiWi, a jailbreak app that allows tethering of multiple machines to you iPhone. I use PDANet and have not seen such a letter yet, but I’m keeping my eyes out.  The letter basically states that if you use a non… Read More

Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 with greenp0ison

The site is still down but from what I’ve heard so far, the jailbreak seems to be pretty solid. At the moment, both the greenpois0n website and Cydia’s servers are getting crushed, but it should be back up tomorrow at the latest. There has been a jailbreak for 4.2.1 using RedSn0w, but its kind of a… Read More

Update on how to get the Verizon iphone early

Remember my post a week back or so when I said I had this idea that if I signed up for a Verizon plan, ANY Verizon plan, I should be able to order the iphone 4 early since I’m a Verizon customer.  Seems I was right because yesterday I got a call asking if I… Read More

How to connect, tether, your ipad to your iphone

Just got an iPad eh?  But did not get the 3G version?  Thats ok right? Just connect to WIFI.  But if you do have has WIFI when your travel?   Well, there’s an iPhone app for that.  Jailbroken of course. I wrote about using GPS on your ipad a few months back.  To use GPS you… Read More

The smallest iPhone battery I have used yet.

It’s web2.0 time again and again, my iphone will be challenged to stay alive as I use it for everything including tethering when I lose interwebs.  EVERY conference I got the wifi dies at some point. Anyway,  I have a spare battery I carry around, but it’s a bit annoying, so this week I tried… Read More

How to get GPS on your ipad using BTstack

So lets say you decided to get an iPad.  And you did not get the 3G iPad with GPS on it because you wanted to save a few bucks.  Out of luck?  Not really.  There is a way to turn that iPad into the coolest GPS turn by turn device ever.  How? Buy a cheap… Read More

Top 10 ish iPad jailbreak applications

The iPad just got its official jailbreak with ‘Spirit’ from MuscleNerd. WIN! Now many of my top jailbreak apps for the iphone does not make sense for this version of the ipad since it does not have a camera, but we all know the next version will. … Read More

Why you should jailbreak your iPad

Jailbreak the ipad?  Oh yea!  From what I’ve heard, we should have a blackra1n or some other jailbreaking or pwning tool pretty soon after the ipad hits the street.  I would guess the iPad is going to run some form of 3.1.3 or perhaps we should just call it 3.2 because you know they will… Read More

Blackra1n returns tethering for iphone jailbreakers

I use PDANet so I’m unaffected by all this, but I saw this on TC’s mobile crunch and felt compelled to share. 🙂  Now again, as I remind my readers every time, there is a difference between jailbreaking and unlocking. {UPDATE:  the newest version RC3 now has unlock as well as jailbreak.  I have not… Read More

Tether your iphone without jailbreak! With some warnings

I just read this today on ismashiphone (link).. The posts describe the steps required to tether your iphone 3g(s) IF you are updated to the new 3.0 firmware. Since I use PDANet (paid for it too) I have not tried it personally, but I’m sure there are a few readers who love to have this… Read More

How I upgraded my iphone 3G to 3.0 using Pwnage Tool

First off, I’m not your typical user, and if you read my blog you would know this; I use jailbreak and LOVE it. However, I also cannot resist experimenting with the iPhone, so once I felt satisfied I heard the jailbreak for 3.0 was relatively stable, I decided to go for it.  However, just as an… Read More

Why tethering is critical at GDC, when you cannot wait for iphone 3.0

This is the first day at GDC, and in the press room, the interwebs connection was good, but in the middle of drafting another post, the thing went south on me.  Grr…  Worse yet, in the conference rooms (of which I’m in now learning about various coding techniques for graphics on mobile devices) does not… Read More