Apple says today’s remote control is outdated. With that in mind, Apple laid out in a patent application published Thursday a new kind of digital remote control for its Apple TV set-top box that uses icons and pictures, similar to those graphic interfaces on TV, but shrunken down and customized for a smartphone or tablet computer. Apple filed the application with the US Patent and Trademark Office last March. Apple already recreated the physical remote control, offering up a slim remote for the Apple TV with only a few buttons to navigate videos and music. The new patent application shows the company could one day remake the physical controller again by doing away with it completely. Such an idea would be similar to Google’s Chromecast, a dongle with no physical remote that’s controlled using a mobile devices.

Image Courtesy NN Group

Image Courtesy NN Group


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One comment on “Apple patent application reinvents remote control for the smartphone age

  • Don’t people ever check out Samsung or LG TV smartphone remote Apps on Android? How about their voice remotes and trackpad or game pad remotes. Yeah they use motion, voice, icons and pics, etc! ……so I’m just wondering why they are seen as first at anything ever. Because with things like Gear VR you are using a completely new kind of 3D VR remote control type system in Gear TV. You select by using gestures and looks. Just saying…. Apple has been too late and a dollar short on innovation of things forever, that others already had out!

    Their GT Advanced Sapphire Glass investment was just that; an investment in something that was meant to fail. Just so they could write it off. They absolutely planned for it to fail and got so much write off for that. Well it’s just pathetic the way they played it off, like as if Apple was again god descending on earth and blessing Apple. What did they do? Only scare people off buying competitors phones thinking they were getting Sapphire Screens on next iPhone! haha…. their marketing to iDiots!!! ….but maybe that’s the genius of ripping profits off them, for share holders out of their iDiot’s pockets.

    But… haha.. like Jim Baker preaching…. saving people from gloom n doom and crying about it, someday people will wake up and quit falling for these bogus marketing stunts by Apple. Like “We at Apple have Re-invented (Samsung’s) Plastic for iPhone 5c” haha… yeah they don’t make anything themselves and are more like Gypsy Circus Barkers hyping Fake Snake Oil. The cold hearted reality is that Apple only cares about bottom line PROFITS. Never ultimately about what customers really want until they can get it cheap and claim they either Reinvented it or worse of a joke…. “Apple Invented EVERYTHING before the Dawn of Time”, a thoroughly ridiculous belief to go with the sure thing that Steve Jobs is still alive in South America and is coming back…. in a 2nd coming soon. In a theater, Gear VR or Oculus Rift Experience near you! lol… ;-P ……..I hear Apple just reinvented Virtual Reality and Steve will be in the first Horror Game Demo!!! Apple = Cheap… too cheap to actually spend enough on real technology innovation, unless they’re buying it ready made or stealing it!

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