GMail Locking up? Could it be .. Google Maps?

So your gmail and other Google apps have been acting up?  Screen locking up?  Mail not sending, then when it does you send out 2 or 3 copies?  I sure have.  The funny thing is this started for me the day after Google for iOS5. Now before any one jumps on this, I have no proof, and the issues I have seen and others I know having issues could be a coincidence, but it would make sense.  The Google maps iOS app has been so successful that its possible that Google was not prepared and perhaps they are hitting the servers a littler harder then they planned for.  Keep in mind the Google maps app passed 10M in just a few days.  So given that data is going both ways, sending maps as well as collecting traffic information is a LOT of data for Google to absorb.

If this is the case, can Google adjust? Sure, I would bet with a little tweaking of the servers they will be running smooth in a week.  But for now, I’m going to be keeping a close eye out.  You never know, could be even more downloads as non iOS 5 users like myself start using the app.

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