Just came across this announcement on the Nvidia blog covering Camero, an Israel based provider and pioneer of Sense-Through-The-Wall (STTW) solutions. Camero has a full line of products that provide real-time situational awareness for observing multiple stationary and moving objects concealed behind walls or barriers. Utilizing advanced micropower radar technology, these systems provide tactical information for troops in urban environments as well as law enforcement officers for domestic searches and operations.

According to the Nvidia blog, the firm’s latest major project in development will be for real-time 3D security body scanning.

Still in an early form, it comprises three long, broad rectangular panels, set at angles reminiscent of mirrors in a sci-fi tailor’s shop.  Mounted on each are four smaller boards containing irregular patterns of what appears to be mounted copper-colored butterflies. This set of 192 transmitters and a similar number of receivers is used to scatter and collect microwaves emitted in micro-bursts that consume only a few milliwatts, less energy than a cell phone.

The received data is transmitted using two one-gigabyte lines to the system’s back end, where the data gets crunched by a server fitted out with four NVIDIA-based GPUs. These reconstruct and process the scanned image, and then render it in 3D, showing details smaller than one centimeter. While weapons and other objects are immediately visible, the system can’t distinguish between, say, a smartphone and an explosive device, so it would need to be used in conjunction with other security techniques.”

So it seems Wayne Enterprises isn’t the only company making toys for Batman.

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