Well the time has come. With the thousands of new games and apps being released on a regular basis Draw Something is the newest game that has been sweeping the social media sites. As much as I tried; I could not ignore this game any longer as updates and complaints about it flooded all of my streams.
Based simply on the gripes that I was seeing, the number one tip that I can give you regarding this game is as follows. Do not write words. The easiest way to ruin a game for someone and for you is to get too focused on winning and points rather than the challenge and enjoyment of the game. If you are tasked with drawing the words, you should never write the word 渡urse・ What’s the point? That’s like playing Pictionary and just yelling out the answer. Sure, you may not have to draw the stethoscope and the Cherokee scrubs and hope that your partner knows what your scribbles mean, but that’s half the fun of the game.

Course, you could be asking; who would do that in first place?  People who are trying to game the game.  As you successfully complete a Draw Me session, you earn points.  The more points you get, the more pen colors you have access too, pen types, etc.  There’s both a free and a paid version of the game. Both versions allow play between iOS and Android users, both have the same game play. The paid version removes adverts, adds about 2,000 more words, and gives you 400 free coins (you can also opt to buy coins separately if you’d rather not wait to earn them)

Here are a few drawing tips if you are new to Draw Something. Be detailed and specific in your drawings. Just drawing someone next to a bed is not going to be enough. Use arrows to indicate exactly which part of the drawing you are trying to draw attention to. Be specific with where that arrow is pointing as well. A bright red circle may be better for indicating the nurse in the scene rather than an arrow pointing in the general direction of your drawing, which may make them think the word is scrubs.  Cherokee scrubs is never going to fit as a guess. That should be obvious. Don’t assume that it will be obvious to the people you are playing with.
This game is best played on a 4g activated device. Because this game has no single player option you can’t play this one alone. A device that does not have 4g capability means you are going to be shackled to wi-fi hotspots. For those of us that have relaxed working conditions and wi-fi at work, that’s not a big deal.