Full disclosure, I have not tried Camera Boost at all, but after looking at the site, this looks pretty good. Those of you with ipad2’s, please give this app for fixing poor quality shots a shot and let us know what you find.
And now, the email blast…

iOS photography specialists Interealtime today is proud to announce Camera Boost 2.5, a major update to a popular iPad app and a major step forwards for iPad photography.

The update has a single headline new feature – in fact a single new button. Small, unassuming, but perhaps the single most important advancement yet for iPad photography. Night Mode. Turn it on and those grainy, dull images leap to life. The image brightens and the grain fades away, the difference is night and day. With just a single tap needed, it couldn’t be easier.

This app has many other enhancements and high end features for the iPad photographer or videographer of course. Photos are captured at full resolution 1280×720 (the standard camera app only manages 960×720) and tap-to-expose and zoom are available even during video recording.

Both photos and videos benefit from the amazing and unique Unlimited FX Engine that can apply as many effects as you want instantly and in full quality. This is done in realtime so you have a live full-screen preview at all times, and you can even smoothly adjust effects while recording video in HD. The outstanding speed of this technology means there’s never any delay, no ‘Processing…’ messages, absolutely no ‘Please wait’. Everything is instant.

Effects include lighting adjustment, color balance, high dynamic range (HDR), noise reduction, sharpen/defocus, color selection and more. You can combine these effects in many ways, and adjust any effect at any time. This is something that even high-end desktop software can rarely handle, yet Camera Boost delivers it in an easy-to-use iPad app that never drops a frame. Unlimited FX Engine is truly astonishing technology!

Camera Boost includes a selection of preset effects, but unlike most other apps this app allows (and encourages) you to create your own presets or modify the built-in ones.

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