It’s kinda of funny. I remember getting into Twitter all those years ago. Loved it.  I write TwittFilter and a few other programmes for analyzing twitter feeds and social graphs.  I tried other socmed apps, including facebook, but never really got into them that much, but still, I was pretty deep.  But in that last six months I realized, I just don’t care anymore.  Sure I still look at twitter now and again, but I spend more time reading the news ( then anything else. I have an account on Google+ and have looked at it perhaps 10 times total, yet I still get a new follower everyday.  WTH?

So I do not tweet more then twice a week, mostly ignore facebook and we have already covered google+.  So happened? I …  just… dont … care.  I think there is SocMed overload and I hit it a few months back and I also found I’m not as social as I used to be.  I was hitting meetups once a week, now I do not remember the last meetup I went to that I spent more then a few min at.  So yup, I’m becoming unsocial.

And that is how it should be I think.

If you are spending time on social media sites and doing more in social life in real life, then good deal. I would be concerned if people are spending time on socMed sites but not doing anything IRL.

Ok, not the big realization here, but just one of those things were I noting how SocMed sites and IRL should be connected.  Thats a good thing.

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