Google has not released an official API yet, however, that does not mean you cannot start playing around with Google+ data.  There are quite a few unofficial API’s.  Here is a list I saw on ‘programmableWeb

  • Google+Tweet: A full featured Twitter client inside your Google Plus Account.
  • Google+Facebook: A browser extension that lets you view your Facebook stream inside Google Plus. It also allows you to Post to Facebook. Image above from ReadWriteWeb’s coverage
  • CircleCount: A web application that takes a Google Plus profile and counts the number of followers and friends.
  • PHP-based Google Plus API: This API provides public user and relationship data in Google Plus. It also allows to post to a users activity stream.
  • Rudimentary Google Plus API: A Read Only JSON API that accepts a Google Plus profile id and gives you profile information and posts. The author, Emlyn O’Regan has also written a tool, Syyncc for tying together various social networks and currently supports extracting out data from Google Plus to other Social networks.
  • Google Plus – Share to Twitter/Facebook : A Chrome browser extension that allows you to share your Google Plus posts to Twitter and Facebook.

I’ve decided to download one from

jmstriegel (author)
at GitHub. From my initial impressions, its a pretty nice codeset.
Google has a mailing list you can sign-up for to get a notice when they finally release.
I have not had time to play with this API in detail yet, but you know I will first chance I get.